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Tips on Traveling with Kids during the Pandemic

Ever since the beginning of the pandemic in March 2020, many people had no choice but to put their life on a brief hold. Businesses were closed, companies were encouraged to apply ‘Work from Home’ system to their employees, and hotels were started losing its loyal guests to do the traveling restriction.

But, 2021 comes with a new hope for many different sectors. From economy to tourism, people are starting to notice a change though it’s still nowhere near significant. As the traveling restriction has slowly been lifted, people can’t wait to get their hands on airplane tickets which can take them to any desired destinations.

Of course, planning a trip during the pandemic will be trickier than ever. Especially if you want to share this amazing journey with your family – everything will definitely become more complicated. But that doesn’t mean that you can spend this year’s school holiday in gorgeous cities like Bandung or Yogyakarta! We have some tips that could help you get through it.

  1. Conduct a thorough research about the safety of your destination

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Hannah Seligson from mentioned on her article that we must understand the risk profile of our destination, before planning the trip even further. This can be a very wise move for parents who are looking for a city or area with lower infection rate, so that they can ensure the safety of all family members. However, this doesn’t mean that we can let our guards down when it comes to complying health protocols. Because pandemic is still lurking around, whether we like it or not.

  1. Pack all necessities in one bag

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Have you pack some masks? How about hand soap and hand sanitizer? Do you bring antiseptic wipes with you at all times? There are a lot of important items that must be listed, before you even think about leaving the house. Be sure to prepare extra medical masks, since it can only be used for up to 8 hours/day depending on its condition. Hand sanitizer’s role is also vital during the pandemic, for we might not always find a sink nearby. After checking everything off of your list, make sure to pack these necessities in one bag to prevent misplacement.  

  1. Consult your doctor about any necessary vitamins

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Paying more attention to our health becomes vital during this era of pandemic. From consuming high-protein food to high-quality vitamins, people are willing to go to great length to ensure the safety of themselves and others. Same thing goes for parents who are perhaps worrying about keeping their children safe during the pandemic. That’s why it is important to take an extra precaution to avoid being trapped in an unexpected situation. Consult your local paediatrician about the best vitamin to boost children’s immune system, especially before embarking on a long travel.

  1. Find more outdoor tourist attractions to visit

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Quoting from Association for Aerosol Research (GAeF), Covid-19 can easily be transmitted indoor. While in outdoor settings, the case of transmission that leads to cluster infection is considered as rare occurrence. Therefore, parents have to pay more attention when it comes to drafting a plan for family staycation. Avoid spending too much time indoors where you aren’t sure about its air circulation. Find tourist attractions which offer any kinds of activity that can be done safely outdoor.

  1. Pay more attention to your kids around public places

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Bringing your children out in public during the pandemic can be a tricky business. But, of course it doesn’t mean impossible! To ensure the safety of your little ones, make sure to give all the necessary information around the importance of wearing a mask, washing our hands regularly, and avoiding crowds. Once the children learn about the current situation that we live in, parents just have to watch them closely to avoid any unexpected scenarios.